Google Ads PPC Academy Training

Discover how to run highly profitable Google Ads campaigns, in less than eight hours, without spending a penny on outside agencies.

All Day Training. Only £550. 30 January 2023

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There’s a reason why some of the world’s biggest brands continue to spend billions on Google Ads. They know it’s still one of the most cost-effective ways to drive qualified, ready to buy visitors.


But it’s not always as simple as picking a campaign objective and hitting launch.


Smaller businesses tend to find themselves stuck in one or two positions; they’re either:

  • Overwhelmed with all the options available.
  • Paying too much for ads that aren’t converting.
  • Or receiving lacklustre results from expensive agencies.


But there is an alternative solution, a way for both business owners and marketing teams to take complete control and ownership over their Google Ads campaigns.

One Day Step-By-Step Training

Google Ads PPC Academy Training

Delivered by one of the UK’s leading independent PPC specialists, this one-day training event was designed to help anyone create awesome, high-converting advertising campaigns.

“I’m here to help you save thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours of lost time as you figure out how to run a results generating ad campaign. I’ll teach you everything you need to know to transform your campaigns.”

-Mike Ncube


With step-by-step instructions on navigating the entire process, from setup to execution. Backed by high-quality in the room or virtual training, resources and real-life examples, you’ll have all the tools and knowledge to launch your first profitable ad campaign in no time. 

“The UK’s leading Google Ads Specialist.”

About your PPC trainer Mike Ncube

“Whether you aren’t bringing in the results your company needs or struggling to find out how it all works and need a guiding hand to launch an effective Pay Per Click campaign, I’d love to welcome you to our next intensive training event.”

With over 13 years’ experience as a certified Google Adwords Expert & PPC specialist, Mike has gained extensive experience across the digital marketing, web analytics and SEO world, working for brands of all sizes in the UK and across the globe.

Backed by hundreds of glowing reviews and client results, he’s helped thousands of individuals and corporations make the most of pay per click as an independent PPC consultant and trainer.

“I found Mike on the internet. After reviewing a few Youtube videos and looking over reviews, i decided to have an initial chat with him to see how i could develop my Google Ads. Mike sent me an email with full guidance and few varied cost options. Following this, the work was completed very quickly, and I have leads coming in that are converting. I'm a happy customer. Highly recommended!”

-M. Hollinsworth

Our PPC training - here’s what you’ll learn

Whether you’re involved in marketing, looking for a new career, or you’re a business owner wishing to lead the charge – this dedicated PPC training course will guide you through the three essential elements to building a successful Google Ads campaign:

How to set up your first effective campaign

How to set up your first effective campaign

How to run profitable ad campaigns for less than you think

How to run profitable ad campaigns for less than you think

How to take advantage of all the key features and controls

How to take advantage of all the key features and controls


Provided either virtually via Zoom, in groups or one-to-one from our London based training centre and lasting around 8 hours, upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate of attendance and be ready to launch your first successful ad campaign.

Enrol on our 30 January 2023 Google Ads academy for the early bird price of just £550

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Running effective PPC ads can change the fortunes of any business – Mike’s clients are proof of this. With the power to drive targeted, qualified and ready to buy customers directly to your website.

This one-day training course will give you all of the skills, techniques and know-how to create, launch and manage a successful Google Ads campaign like this. With personal, in-the-room support guiding you every step of the way.

Secure your spot today to see the difference being a pro-Google Ads manager can have.

Remember, the cost of a poorly run campaign.

Consider this, a poorly run PPC campaign can cost a business hundreds, if not thousands of pounds. This is effectively money down the drain, never to be returned.

For just £550, you will have an in-depth knowledge of the whole Google Ads ecosystem, saving you from ever running a badly performing campaign again – or wasting another penny on ads that don’t generate a generous ROI.

Every minute you put off booking your place on this course could be another penny lost from your ads budget.

WARNING: Strictly limited places available for our 27 Oct training

Given the personal, 1:1 nature, to ensure Mike can dedicate enough time to every student, this training is only open to a select number of attendees.

8 slots remaining.

To avoid disappointment, enrol today or to discuss other training options for groups or a more bespoke Google Ads course, email Mike directly:

“Mike is a man of talents, exceptional knowledge and world-class service. Been with Mike for 3 months and I am honestly lost for words. He has delivered since day one and the work is evident. The support is amazing.”

-AC Design Solutions

A Final Word From Mike

A final word from Mike…

“It is possible for anyone to launch and run a profitable campaign, whether you’re a beginner or intermediate PPC user. But with so many pitfalls, sometimes it’s worth making a small investment in training to help you get the most bang for your buck.

If you don’t, you may well…

  • Spend hours searching online only to find contradicting facts about the best way to launch a campaign leaving you more confused than when you started
  • And after all that time, still not find the crucial information about how campaigns actually work
  • Encounter the possibility of overpaying for expensive ads
  • Being unable to make a correct estimation of the initial budget required
  • Blindly start a campaign and have to constantly fix problems along the way
  • Discover that there are a LOT of aspects that you didn’t even think about (broad vs exact keywords, ad copy, landing pages etc.)
  • Waste a lot of time fixing problems (and probably hiring agencies to help)


To avoid all of these with the expert advice and support of someone who’s spent the last decade and thousands of hours managing campaigns for other people, click here to enrol.

I look forward to seeing you there.”

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